Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bookshelves: before/during/after

(technically this is not created by Rachel. but I was a big part of this so I had to put it in)

We usually have at least one large house project going on... this year we worked on our living room - specifically building built in bookshelves and our fireplace.

Now, when my husband proposed the project, it was only going to take a couple months. cough. 7 months later, we were finishing it up. Granted, he only has Saturdays to work on it (and some nights when he's up to it) so progress is slow. Plus, he's never done anything like this before so it's a learning process.

But I do have to brag about him a little because holy cow! He's never done anything like this before! and it turned out really really beautiful.... he's become quite the handyman. He put in new lights, changed outlets, put in the recessed lighting in the ceiling, installed all the wires for the TV, built the shelves, etc etc...

So the TRUE before (before we bought the house): (NOT my decor or furniture)

BUT note the hideous light fixture


So this is the best BEFORE I have of what we had for the past 4 years. It still had a couple Christmas decorations up (notice the nativity) but you get the idea

Ugly white painted brick, etc.


AND this is what I lived with for 7 months. Tarps, wood, dust, debris, tools, more tools, large saws, molding, more sawdust, drywall, concrete, etc etc
(don't step on that kids!)
(don't touch that kids!)
(stay out of dad's work station kids!)
(get out of there!)
(That is dangerous!)
You get the idea

Coming along



And I'm DONE with seeing these babies for a while...

A closer look at the mantle and molding

Here is a more updated picture with stuff on them

Yay for being done!