Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dinosaur Jump

I painted this for a friend of mine who just had a baby recently. She wanted to base his room around this book: It's a really cute book - my kids loved flipping through it. What was really cute is that my daughter wanted to make one too... and what she did I thought was really creative - she traced the dinosaur, cut it out, traced it again on her own paper, colored it and called it "Dinosaur Jomp". I thought I had saved it but I can't find it anywhere. I loved it. Anyway.... This painting was loosely based on the story. It started off with just palm trees, but I added the mountains, and I'm so glad, it really makes the painting. (and yes, as my husband points out - they are BLUE). They remind me of Kauai.


And since we have quite a few colored walls in our house I figured I'd try out a couple options...

light blue wall: (though it looks a little like periwinkle)


orangy wall: (but kinda blurry)


It would be interesting to see what a green wall would look like, but we don't have one... yet...

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Stephanie and Paul said...

Fabulous! You are amazing. When on earth do you have time to do this stuff???