Thursday, July 28, 2011


So creative projects have been slow lately.

In June we heard news that my cousin (and my husband's best friend) had suddenly died, which was unexpected for a healthy 32 year old.

I was asked to sing at the funeral, and knowing that would be a difficult task, I looked for someone who plays a string instrument to accompany me (to help out if I managed to not make it through the song)

It just so happens that I got in touch with a very accomplished violist, who without knowing me or my family, volunteered her time to come and play.

I was so grateful for her help, especially last minute when she was in the midst of planning a huge music festival in Park City.

I didn't feel like a thank you card really expressed my thanks, so I decided to paint her a little picture.

It was a simple project, but I was shocked how it came together so fast (which never happens these days for me).

I only used a few colors (metallic bronze, copper, and gold). And I love how it came out!


Because I used metallic paint, it has a really cool sheen to it (which you can't tell in a picture. here is one with the flash to show)


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