Sunday, February 12, 2012

Candyland party

We've had a busy start to the year.

But we managed to pull off a fun birthday party for my 5 year old, whose birthday shortly after Christmas. He loves to play Candyland, so we thought the theme was appropriate.

Next time, I need to allow myself more notice. Planning a big party in less than a week is a little crazy. (and anything after Christmas traveling is also crazy)

But, it came together and turned out great.

Our candy spread
(I cut out letters for the sign with my silhouette, and much of the candy I bought on Amazon)


Close up on how much candy we had...overload

Treat boxes (once again, my silhouette came in handy)

Cupcakes with rainbow lollys

Cake batter rice crispies. LOVED them.

the kids loved the floating candies

Playing musical squares (to the music "I want candy")

Making King Kandy Kastles

Our sign on the door

Overall, success!!

1 comment:

AnnaM said...

Amazing!!! Seriously one if the coolest birthday parties I've ever seen!