Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland

I'm still wondering where December went. It seems like a blur. But January here we come. (I hate January).

While I was in Utah, (did I mention the snow storms created some great snow on the ski slopes? it did) I couldn't help get out my camera.

I was in the car working on these babies:


yes 125 Christmas cards. signed, sealed, and delivered by yours truly... (ALL but a few got into the mail BEFORE Christmas I might add), but I kept getting distracted and i couldn't stop looking out the window. It was so beautiful and serene.

the fog and mists were incredible

This is one of my favorites:
It almost looks like the horse is fake.





Isn't it just gorgeous!? I thought so. I marvel at the mountains often. They are so majestic.

Anyway - before Christmas I've been working on my largest painting on canvas to date (it's still not huge, but large for me). My first real go at oil paints. It's been a big adventure for me. Pretty bad timing (as I'm staying up between 2 and 4am pretty much the whole week before we left for Christmas vacation). I'm really excited to turn it in later this week to be judged by a panel of judges.

It's not quite done yet (still making last minute adjustments). Here is a sneak peak of a part of it:


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