Monday, September 10, 2012

"You Are My World" painting

My life has been turned upside down at the moment.  I did, however, finish a project I've been planning for a very very long time (like 2 years). (Priorities people!!)

This is for my great friend who had a baby.  We went back and forth on something she would want for her nursery. 

Her mother made this gorgeous quilt (wish I had a picture of it) which also left samples of the fabric. 

I wanted to incorporate the fabric somehow in the painting - which I did in the lettering.

I cut out the lettering with the fabric samples on my Silhouette machine.

After painting the world with different shades of green, I decopouged the whole thing to make sure the fabric does not go anywhere.  It is on a 16x20 canvas.

I love it.  It has the simpleness (my friend was looking for) and yet is artsy enough for me.

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