Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun Kids craft

I'm having mixed feelings about the summer ending. It's been a tough summer for a lot of reasons, but I tend to try to resist change. My oldest is going into kindergarten and I'm anxious how the transition will be. I'm sure it will be fine, but FULL day kindergarten is a big change for us. At the same time, not having three kids around all day will be kinda nice (esp. at the grocery store, etc)

Anyway, we did this fun craft on Elevator buttons and the kids loved it. They didn't even realize that they were actually learning while they were doing it too.

I got the idea from THIS blog:

They have always loved elevators and always argue about who gets to push the buttons. I thought it would be a fun thing to play where they EACH have their own elevator (hence: no fighting over the buttons). Plus - learning!

Different than the original, I had them write the numbers, cut out the circles, and glue it on by themselves. I knew my 5 year old would have no problem, but I wondered how my 3 year old would do, and he did great. I had to help him write the numbers, but he kept up and stayed focused on it the whole time. And it took a while. But it really works for lots of ages.



Final product: Glue on the numbers. Then go to any floor you want!


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