Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Barbie birthday cake

So for my daughter's birthday we did a "Princess and Pirate Picnic"

and who else to grace the party than Barbie herself.

When I finished the cake, I showed my daughter and she says "that's it? Just her dress?" Apparently she was expecting the Barbie mansion too.

Well, she had to be satisfied with just the dress, because that took quite a bit of work on it's own.

I watched the video HERE and it was helpful in the whole frosting process.


3 boxes of cake (yes 3 boxes)
At least 2 cans of frosting.
3 nine inch cake pans and one round pyrex dish

Cook all the cake, cool, and then frost. Easy peesy! Well, the video helps a little bit more than my explanation.

It was fun to make.


Tah Dah!! Bring on the little princess and pirates!


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