Sunday, September 5, 2010

Decorating kids rooms - part 1

So this spring I surprised my sister-in-law with paintings for her nursery.

Surprisingly, the wood plaque took me longer than the paintings. Who would have thought?

Things I learned:

- cheap acrylic paint is CHEAP quality. Better to spend the extra $.50 per bottle.
- colors on the computer are not the same as in person (which is why I bought the matching lamp to match the colors. I'm glad I did)

She had gotten this cute bedding:



So I made these to match:

These is acrylic on canvas.



This is a wood plaque painted with acrylic paint, the star came was a cut-out from cardstock, and scrapbook letter stickers were the words. The whole thing was covered in decoupage. It would have been much easier without the stripes (which I had to repaint multiple times - due to wrong colors and not straight enough). Oh well, it turned out cute.


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