Sunday, September 5, 2010

Decorating kids rooms - part 2

So in the spring, I made THESE paintings for my sister-in-law who was having her first baby.

Her friend saw them, and wanted me to make some paintings for her own daughters' room. So I agreed - especially since she wanted to pay for them! This is the first time I've ever sold any artwork, so it was kindof fun.

She wanted something really simple (which was tough for me - I hate making things simple :) and something that matched her bedding.

It took me way longer than I expected, since this summer turned out crazier than I had anticipated, but they turned out. And I keep learning a lot - the more I do.

This was the bedding: "Tiddliwinks" from Target


And in the room:

And here are the paintings:

I used this iridescent pearl paint and I LOVED how the paint looked when it dried. It looked so cool. You can't really get the full effect in a picture, so you'll just have to imagine. It looks a little overpowering (almost fluorescent) in the pictures.

Oh and these are acrylic on canvas




After I finished the last one, it felt unfinished, like it needed a fourth (two pink, two purple). But I left it up to Melanie (my SIL's friend) and she liked it as a group of three, so it stayed how it was.

Here is the finished product in their room:


I really like how she hung them and how they look in between the purple curtains.

I can't imagine ever doing this for a regular profit - since it's pretty time consuming... but I did have fun doing it!

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Little Birdie Secrets said...

Wow, those are amazing! You are so talented!

Just wanted to let you know I added more magnet sets to my shop. I had a few more in stock. Thanks!