Tuesday, September 21, 2010

trains, trains, and more trains....

More for this room:


It all started with this project:

I wanted to duplicate the plaids and lines in the bedding. And it worked... but seriously debating whether it was worth the painful detailing (they are really small trains). Especially for a perfectionist.

Which then I had to do this one because new brother came along:

Here is some closeups of the letters:

We better not have another boy anytime soon, cause I do NOT want to paint train letters again for a VERY long time.

And then I saw this being sold at Canton which is a flea market on steroids in the middle of now where Texas (which I totally recommend. It's a lot of fun). Seriously, the place is ENORMOUS. and I saw this little train a carpenter was selling and totally fell in love. It wasn't hard to paint - just a LOT of detail. It took me a crazy amount of time to finish it, but eventually it got done.


Here is some closer shots:

Hopefully this is the last rolling project for this room!

Pulling out! CHOO CHOO!

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megan said...

Rachel! I love, love LOVE your stuff! You are amazing--as always. And it's so good to hear from you. I've been thinking about you guys and hoping life is good!